My Life in Words

The Consequences of Clutter

Lately I have been looking around the house realizing just how much STUFF I have. My desk is covered in paper and books; my closets are bursting with clothes that I haven’t worn in years if ever; I have tons of makeup, perfume, and other toiletries that must have expired by now; and then there is the refrigerator!  I am sure things have died in there!

Does this sound familiar?  I am sure that I am not alone. We may not realize it, but there are consequences for our madness. When we can’t find something, we go out and buy another one which takes up space we already don’t have, and then we misplace our replacement which leads to spending more money.  Spending money you don’t have causes additional stress as well as misplacing the items in the first place.  If your home is messy, you may be embarrassed to invite people over. And if you are married to someone who is a neat-freak, it can cause issues there as well. Being surrounded by so much stuff can make you feel overwhelmed and depressed.

I am just beginning to realize the correlation between the clutter in my house and my lack of focus in other areas of my life. Recently I purchased the book, “Organize Now!” by Jennifer Ford Berry. In the book, she offers practical advice over 56 weeks to help you get your life in order.  She breaks this down into categories such as Organizing Yourself, Your Papers, Your Things, Your High Traffic Areas, Your Personal Spaces, Your Storage Areas, Your Special Events, and Your Routines.  These categories are broken down into weekly sub-categories with weekly goals, tips and action items.  I intend to get started right away, just as soon as I finish my book on procrastination. Just kidding…


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