My Life in Words

Success is an INSIDE JOB!

Poor people are dictated by others in life (circumstances, boss, children); Rich people are the dictators of their life.

Poor people believe that life is made up of random happenings so they have someone to blame; Rich people believe that they create their own life.

Poor people make decisions based on fear of loss; Rich people make decisions to gain more.

Poor people make decisions based on limiting beliefs because they do not believe in themselves; Rich people make decisions from confidence in themselves.

Poor people quit; Rich people do not quit.

Poor people learn and follow the herd (the 96%) to the slaughterhouse by listening to their broke friends and relatives; Rich people continuously expand their intellectual wealth.

Poor people get paid by the hour; Rich people get paid for the value they bring to the marketplace.

Poor people accept mediocrity as a reality; Rich people create solutions to make their dreams a reality.

Poor people see and prepare for negative results; Rich people see and expect positive results.

Poor people rely on hopes and prayers and remain idle; Rich people have vision and take action.

Poor people dwell in current circumstances; Rich people see the outcome they choose regardless of the current circumstances.

Success is like a math equation. The equation for success is not determined by background. The poor can become wealthy with the equation for success.


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