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The Invisible Truth: Living in the Now and Creating the Future You Choose

Have you ever felt lost, like your life has no sense of meaning, direction, or purpose?  I have certainly felt that way the past 2 years after losing my job.  I have struggled to figure out where I should go from here.

Whether we like it or not, a paycheck many times defines who we are and our self-worth. When you aren’t bringing home that check, it can make you feel depressed like a failure.  It can cause extra stress at home because of the loss of your salary. Also, your significant other may not understand why you can’t seem to shake the dark cloud hanging over your head and leave the past in the past.

To deal with such feelings, I have looked to programs to help inspire me to look past my present circumstances. Instead of focusing on the loss of my job, I now focus on all the opportunities I have in front of me.

One such program that has played a dramatic role in my new outlook on life is called “The Invisible Truth” One way to describe the 8 CD Audio set is the “Law of Attraction on Steroids.”

The program is broken down into 9 Laws and Principles…..

Everything in the world is made up of energy. You can manifest this energy into your favor by being aware and conscious of your thoughts and focusing on that which is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report (integrity, virtuous).

Every single word you speak carries power, every-single word. And that power is greatly under-estimated. Most people are so unaware of the power of their words that they inadvertently create unnecessary, negative, and destructive situations in their lives.

Work is energy in motion. The ability to harness directed, organized, and controlled energy is greatly increased with work.

In a place that is filled with thankfulness, you will not have room for lack. Thankfulness attracts more into your life to be thankful for.

Forgiveness is a key to unlocking the shackles that keep you in bondage. The clear and distinct understanding of forgiveness of others, and yourself, will give you the strength to move directed, controlled energy where you choose.

Giving is the first step to receiving. You give the soil a seed first, and the soil will yield a tree of fruit. That fruit is the abundance that you will receive.

Be aware of your environment. Listen to the words of the people around you, as well as the entertainment you choose. Be conscious of choosing positive influences and attracting that into your life instead of the negative.

Accept responsibility for everything that has happened to you in your life and move forward instead of looking backward on things you cannot change.

Feed the senses of the soul first. Body is temporary and soul is eternal.

Fully understand and use these concepts and the law of attraction will work in your favor at rapid speeds. YOU CAN have the life you choose and desire.

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Why Green Smoothies?

WRITTEN BY: Derald Reisinger

Not too long ago, I was feeling unhealthy – overweight, lethargic, and depressed. I had tried diets that helped me lose weight temporarily, but none that made me feel like I could continue with them and be healthy. So I finally declared “enough is enough” and decided to embark on an adventure to become healthy!

I researched the healthiest types of foods to learn about optimal nutrition and found that the most nutritious food I could eat fell into the category called greens. Greens are vegetables like kale, collards, spinach, chard, dandelion leaves, and other dark green leafy vegetables. Ounce for ounce, they have the most nutrition to offer, but with one drawback. Greens, like top-rated kale, are tough and chewing will not unlock all their nutrition. Chewing can be improved through cooking, but cooking degrades the enzymes and vitamins in greens. So what to do?

Enter Victoria Boutenko, with her book called Green for Life. Ms. Boutenko found that the answer is to unlock the nutrition in greens by blending them in a high-speed blender to rupture their cell walls. By blending the greens, she makes what she calls green smoothies. The blender that I use is the Vitamix blender; another good brand is Blendtec.

Once the nutrition is unlocked from the greens, the next hurdle is to make the taste palatable, as greens can taste very bitter. I mix my typical green smoothie recipe in a 2-quart blender that I share with my wife. I add 2 cups of water, a bunch of kale leaves (if it’s a small bunch of kale, I will add some baby spinach leaves), 1 cup red grapes, a banana, a handful of blueberries or other type berry, and the juice from half a lemon. The ingredients may be varied to suit your taste. In the beginning, I used more bananas to make it sweeter until I became used to the taste of the greens. There are many other choices available to make green smoothies even healthier, like wheatgrass, sea vegetables, maca powder, chlorella, and spirulina.

How did I feel after drinking green smoothies (mostly daily) that substituted for some of my other food? Within a month I noticed I had more energy and I started to lose weight without exercising. Within two months I noticed I did not require as much sleep; instead of my normal 8 hours nightly, I could feel good with only 7-1/2 (and later with only 7).

What else? I started to crave fruits and vegetables and ate more salads than I ever had before. I began eliminating added sugar and salt and avoiding pastries. I minimized meat in my diet, while adding nuts and seeds. But the funny thing is, the more nutritious I ate, the more I craved the nutritious food and the less I wanted the bad-for-me snacks. I also noticed that my digestion improved when I ate less acidic food and my system became more “regular.”

After I lost 10 pounds in 2 months, I started moderate exercising and with my new diet, I lost 20 more pounds. Now my regular diet consists of about 75 percent raw food: green smoothies and other tasty fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. If this sounds appealing to you, there is a wealth of information about raw food diets on the Internet.